Security - Publish/Protect personal information
When personal information is created on a Family Website, please decide who may see the information. Find-Relation recommend, that most information is (Public). Information about living people ougth to be public only with the persons accept. Surviving relatives wish of a dignified fame ought to be respected for information about late relatives.
For all kind of personal information Find-Relation gives opportunity to choose between the 5 mentioned levels. When a web-visitor in the menu select Relation & Info there is only shown the information, that is matching the login permissions.
Only SuperUser og LocalUser are allowed to edit information. Administrator for a Family Website has the responsibility, that no information conflict with existing rules.
Find-Relation can remove information or a Family Websit, if the content conflicts with existing rules og has racialism, pornographic or other kind of offensive character
SuperUserPresuppose AdministratorPassword with permission to view, create and edit all persons on the actual Family Website. Permission to view informations with security level Related og Public from a related Family Website
LocalUserPresuppose LocalUser password, created by SuperUser for a particular person on the actual Family Website. Using this password, you only have permission to change information for that person and the persons descendants (children, grandChildren etc.) and there related partners etc. Necessarily also permission to create new persons, and subsequently relate them to the former mentioned persons. Furthermore permission to view information with security level Related and Public from related Family Websites.
FamilyUserPresuppose the user is logged on using Username and Password for the particular Family Website. Permission to view information with at least security level Family, and information with security level Related and Public from related Family Websites.
FamilyRelatedInformation available for users logged on the actual Family Website or a related Family Website. If you enter password for a related Family Websites SuperUser, LocalUser or FamilyUser, you furthermore have access to information matching the security level on the related Family Website.
PublicUserInformation available for all users, without being logged on a particular Family Website.